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here's a good one   
09:48pm 03/06/2005
mood: pissed as hell

"I predict that the quality of all our lives will change to a certain extent, as measures previously considered needed (only) in forward areas will increasingly be ... adopted in our home countries," Cofer Black told a conference of U.S. and European counter-terrorism officials and experts.

Is he actually saying we need more fascism in our lives?

Let's sign up troops!!!!

God Bless America.
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First the books....   
05:39pm 18/05/2005
03:16pm 29/04/2005
mood: pissed as hell
I guess you can buy Loyalty. I know certain people will read this, which is why i'm posting here. It's an awful thing to lose respect for one person. However, losing respect for a flock of fools, does really hurt me. Good Riddance. I thought every thing would be worked out. Oh well, at least the Dogs tried.
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Hand in Hand with the Enemy   
09:38pm 27/04/2005

Could it be anymore obvious who we are in bed with?

I wish the Saudi people would over throw the prehistoric government in charge.
The Dark Side Gathers   
08:34pm 27/04/2005

Good one George. Let's get the least ethical man in the house, to push your social insecurity plan. That will gain points!!!!
The Terrorists Best Weapon   
02:19pm 21/04/2005
Country Music is Right   
02:08pm 20/04/2005
  In Texas, it's ok to beat your child!

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Save me from Theocracy.   
02:27pm 16/04/2005

here is an NY times article.


Oh Yeah, McCain should move over to the Dark Side :) Join us.

scary people   
08:48pm 12/04/2005

nasty cockroaches!
Corruption at it's Finest   
02:39pm 06/04/2005
mood: blah
What's next?   
08:00pm 05/04/2005
Mickey Rourke   
07:32pm 05/04/2005
mood: good.
Man, Mickey Rourke was so good in Sin City, I just thought I'd share my favorite line from the movie, and suggest a great Mickey Rourke flick.

so first the quote

Lucille: Settle down Marv, take another pill.
Marv: Hey! There is no settling down! This is blood for blood and by the gallons. This is the old days, the bad days, the all or nothing days. They're back!

And then check out Spun

I'll take some Ranch Dressing with my Pat Buchanan   
08:13pm 01/04/2005

Sin City   
08:06pm 01/04/2005
  Mickey Rourke is awesome. Spectacularly directed.

That's it.
02:16pm 01/04/2005
  "The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior," said DeLay, R-Texas.

Read the entire article.

A few things I love about this article.

"House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Thursday blamed Terri Schiavo's death on what he contended was a failed legal system and he raised the possibility of trying to impeach some of the federal judges in the case."

Failed legal system? It did exactly what the checks and balance system of the constitution is supposed to do. The judiciary branch stopped over reaching politicians from getting their way. Thank goodness.

Also, I love this line.

"But a leading Democratic senator said DeLay's comments were "irresponsible and reprehensible." Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said DeLay should make sure that people know he is not advocating violence against judges."

Yes it was Kennedy, BUT, notice how he had to mention the violence? I'm sure a DeLay of course, wouldn't care either way. I mean, culture of life means before you're born, and before you die. Everything else in between does not matter. Right? Death Penalty? What about that? Give me a break.
I'm sure someone will call me a radical   
03:25pm 31/03/2005
  I love this, heard it on Morning Sedition.


Speaking of which, David Cross will be on Morning Sedition on the first.
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do not DeLay!   
02:30pm 31/03/2005
  I'm not a fan of this man. Especially after he used the "Schiavo Fiasco" for his own political agenda.


If you're interested, that's a petition requesting his resignation.
This man needs to shut up still.   
02:55pm 24/03/2005

"I support Fascism" should be what he's actually saying.

here is the best line.

"What Bush needs to do is to take in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and say, 'We are here under executive order from the governor, from DCF, and we are taking custody of Terri," Terry said.

Here come the jackboots!
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The Rise of Nazi Florida   
02:43pm 24/03/2005
  First Schiavo, now this...


Is there nothing the dread Army of the Neo-Con Death Cult will not do?

Hey Conservative ass holes, if you want to complain, start teaching. Oh wait, not enough money in it for you? Go exploit some poor chinese. Or barge into peoples bedrooms and tell us what to do there. Or maybe just send us liberals to the ovens.

Blasphemy? WTF GREECE?   
02:53pm 23/03/2005

You have got to be kidding me.