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lazman's Journal

The Lazarus Man
8 February
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Word up, I'm The Lazarus Man, a punk rock DJ from the Technocratic city called San Jose. I've been into punk since I was 14, starting with the Sex Pistols and Ramones, moving into stuff like Bad Religion and Rancid and the Dead Kennedy's, to local bands like Your Mother and the Krupted Peseant Farmerz. I'm into stuff now like Lars Frederickson and the Bastards, US Bombs, The Forgotton, Dropkick Murphy's and other Pub Punk and Political Punk. Currently, I'm 24 years old and working on a Radio/TV/Film degree. I'd like to one day be a screen writer for a career, as writing is my true passion. I love being creative and like to invent worlds and situations.